Drum Quest

Hi Guys! Welcome to a new quest! This page will help you complete the Drum Quest! Sorry guys but on this page I don’t want to do the hint, if that’s ok with you?


I find Frantown boring, and i do not want to waste my time on it.

Goodbye, FRH


Location: Inside Music Store Lobby


Location: Inside Music Store


Location: Inside Record Store


Location: Home Furnishings

drum quest 1

Location: Inside Boathouse Bistro

drum quest

Location: Rolf’s Rock Room (Upstairs of the Pizza Place)

drum quest1

Location: Practice Room

drum quest2

Location: Ampitheater

drum quest3

Location: Recoring Studio

drum quest4

Location: City Hall

drum quest5

Location: Outside Your House

drum quest6

Location: Shred Park

drum quest7

Location: Inside Sports Shop

drum quest8

Location: Outside Fitness Centre

drum quest9

Location: Outside Music Store

drum quest10

Location: Outside Theater

drum quest11

Location: Pizza Place Kitchen

drum quest12

Location: Inside Ice- Cream Store

drum quest13

Location: Outside the Treehouse

drum quest14

Location: Skate License Place

drum quest15

Location: Inside the Library

drum quest16

Location: Inside Barber Store

drum quest17

Location: Press Room

drum quest18

Location: Inside Coffee Shop

drum quest19

Congratulations! You have completed the Drum Quest!

drum quest completion

Now you can do one of the following options:

  • The Perfect Drum Solo
  • Play The Drums
  • Next Quest

I hope this guide helped you!

~The FRG


28 Responses to “Drum Quest”

  1. Lyiam Says:

    umm… okay. well i already found those nd i need to find even more.

  2. kiana Says:

    hi i am on the drum quest i need 1 more and that is the woodblok plz help me help me find it.

  3. kiana Says:

    hi you said how to complete the drum quest but you only showed us 3 of them why????????????????

  4. anonymous Says:

    Do u know where is the one with the hint Ready to work out? Look for a sign cos the cymbol’s behind. Please tell me i have been looking for it for 2 weeks

  5. Radman92 Says:

    what about the other ones??????

  6. z3hn Says:

    theres 24 pieces u only have 4
    guess ill look for alot more
    thanks anyway

  7. z3hn Says:

    oh wait nvm u only have 3

  8. sophie Says:

    weres the rest

  9. sophie Says:

    got them

  10. natalie Says:

    this quest is not finshed

  11. khawla Says:

    we want more i want more plz

  12. capricornc Says:

    thnx that helped me. but where are all the others?

  13. fierrycold Says:

    Hey you got a great franktown rocks site but can you put up the rest of the drum parts? Thanks!

  14. salsa Says:

    do you know where is all the school quest stuff at. email at txsalma@hotmail.com or salmaechols@ymail.com

  15. casper Says:

    why dident ya do all of them

  16. bush Says:

    there has to be more


    I need more but its ok.



  19. manis14 Says:

    Actually it has been completed

  20. marianna Says:

    hi this realy helped thx

  21. shane Says:

    i am done Woo Hoo

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