Guitar Pick Quest

Hey Guys! On this page, I will be giving the cheats on how to complete the Guitar Pick Quest. I haven’t found all of them, so I’ll post another pick when I find it!


I find Frantown boring, and i do not want to waste my time on it.

Goodbye, FRH


Hint: After filling your tummy at Rolffe’s Pizza Shoppe, check the base of a statue where this pick has been dropped!

Location: City Square and under the statue


Hint: Not rockin’ or rollin’, these stones don’t move. But finding this pick puts you in the groove!

Location: Outside, and next to a stone.


Hint: I need a ticket please, just one for me, and give me that pick there that you see!

Location: Outside the Theater, on the window sill of Tickets.


Hint: Let’s sit outside and watch a great show! This pick is for those who like rock n’ roll!

Location: Ampitheater, next to the Acoustic Guitars on Stage.


Hint: What am I doing up here silly me? I should get down and start recording my CD!

Location: Outside the Studio, on the roof.


Hint: Turn down the drums and turn up the bass, this pick is in the place where the music gets made!

Location: Inside Recording Studio, on red chair.


Hint: Next time you’re buying a cool hat or shoes, if you look around you will find this pick too!

Location: Inside Franktown Clothing Co., next to the mirror.


Hint: This pick isn’t far from the office of the Mayor. Just check outside and you’ll find it there!

Location: Outside Town Hall

gpq 1

Hint: To find this pick you don’t need a hobby. Look where you find instruments, right in the lobby.

Location: Inside Music Store

gpq 2

Hint: If finding this pick is to much to bear look in a place where you leave lots of hair!

Location: Inside Barber Shop


Hint: Rockin’ out loud is what I do best, but sometimes it disturbs the downstairs pizza guests.

Location: Upstairs Rolffe’s Pizza Shoppe


Hint: When looking for pick check crannies and nooks, and to find this pick you should look in the books.

Location: Inside Library


Hint: Head toward the Record Store, watch as you go, and you will find this pick where the sand meets road.

Location: Outside Record Store


Hint: Near the place that has music that’s called a soundtrack. You’ll find this pick by a dumpster out back.

Location: Behind Theater


Hint: Coffee no sugar is also called black. When finding this picking you’ll be standing out back.

Location: Outside Coffee Shop


Hint: Lets go buy popcorn and watch movies too. Don’t miss this pick, it’s waiting for you.

Location: Inside Movie Theater


Hint: This is outside where it’s fun to play. If you sit in the shade you’ll find it today!

Location: Park Area


Hint: This pick is found where you take a number and wait to get your new license and then you can skate!

Location: Inside License Room


Hint: Outside the building where new clothes are seen, to find this pick you’ll have to ‘Think Green’.

Location: Outside Clothing Store


Info: if you tune up the guitar really loud, then people eating pizza will have a shout!

Location: Inside Rolffe’s Pizza Shoppe


Hint: Walkign and running is great to keep fit. This pick is in a place where you don’t usually sit!

Location: Inside Fitness Center


Hint: A frozen pig is dancing near this pick. You’ll get all wet if you don’t grab it quick!

Location: Outside Barber Shop


Hint: Sometimes it’s fun to watch them swim to and fro. If you stand on the dock you’ll be be good to go!

Location: Pond Area


Hint: Gard a hot latte and take a seat. If you’ll look closely you’ll find a treat!

Location: Inside Coffee Shop


Hint: Are you shopping aroudn for something to ride? Before you go in you should check on the sign.

Location: Outside Sport Shop


Hint: On a warm summers day if you get a cold treat you’ll find this pick and it it will be sweet!

Location: Outside Ice Cream Shop


Hint: The mayor comes here to meet all of you, make sure you don’t miss it or you will be blue!

Location: Inside City Hall


Hint: Do you need a chair or a vase of your table? You’ll find this pick on the way, if you’re able!

Location: Outside Home Furishings


Hint: Rolling the dough and baking the crust, the pick is in here! You’ll find it! You must!

Location: Inside Rolffe’s Pizza Shoppe Kitchen


Hint: This pick is hidden in a house AND a boat, in order to find it you’ll have to float.

Location: Inside Boat House


Congratulations! You have completed the Guitar Pick Quest- Part 1!

Made by the FRG!

(DNA7Format is found in most pictures because the Frg has almost completed it so they needed another person! Also DNA is Digby8’s brother!)

Guitar Pick Quest-Part 2

Hint: Look outside, and look up high, it’s next to somethign gol, so it’s hard to find!

Location: Behind City Hall


Congratulations! You’ve completed the Golden Guitar Pick Quest- Part 2!


68 Responses to “Guitar Pick Quest”

  1. kyle90283 Says:

    i need more plz post more!

  2. kyle90283 Says:

    thanks for the help so far tho!

  3. hamster_boy_1 Says:

    This is soooo much help! Thanx Digby8CP and the rest of FRG. There is one outside of the clothing store on the recyling bin. Hope that helps. Was also wondering if FRG can help me on the new Drum Quest! Thanx again sooo much you are awesome.
    Digby8CP: Thanks for commenting! Well I have completed most of Candy Quest so I know how to complete it! I’ll post A.S.A.P!

  4. micaelaaaª!! Says:

    where is the 11th. pick? is a green pick…

  5. manis14 Says:

    Hey guys! Sorry of not posting!

  6. salliewinter Says:

    that’s a great help, im now finished with my guitar pick quest. i really wished i took note of all the guitar picks i found, now i can’t remember where i got them so i could help others too. thanks digby8!

  7. tk Says:

    where is the rock one where is outside

  8. tk Says:

    next to the stone??

  9. ellie Says:

    the last golden pick is behind the city hqll on the roof but i go there and its not their

  10. sophie Says:

    where is the rock on pick 2
    please help

  11. sophie Says:

    the 2nd pick down has changed its is in the soil next to the flowers out side the rockzhead shop

  12. ashmita Says:

    im am not able to find the 2nd picture…….the rocks….one

  13. paige202 Says:

    thanks i’ve got all of them now u’ve really helped

  14. paige202 Says:

    i mean i need 1 more

  15. paige202 Says:

    i still have 3 more to find but other than tat thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. paige202 Says:

    2 more 2 find yipeeeeeeeeeee

  17. garzaman Says:

    hey are yall goin to put the candy and school quest on here i have a friend who cant find help for them

    • manis14 Says:

      Soon we will put up the School Quest. And Please keep checking on this blog because it has been updated, as we do have the Candy Quest Guide

  18. conor Says:

    The 2nd pick picture. It said “outside”. Where is outside?

  19. Beauty70 Says:

    Well i know every guitar pick its easy

  20. Beauty70 Says:

    great you are amazing

  21. minnycapricornc Says:

    thnx a lot! it helped so much.

  22. Renzo Says:

    on your next hint, what stone!

  23. Natalie Says:

    I couldnt find the 2nd pick u told put

  24. Seafloors Says:

    can u help me out with the school supply quest i only need the high-liter to the left of the desk and under the calculater. please and thank you.

  25. salsa Says:

    do you know where is all the school quest stuff at. email at or

  26. mimo777 Says:

    hey mimo here i play franktown andi need help on school quest
    The FRG: Hey Mimo! I’m so sorry I have not completed the School Quest! BTW, thanks for going on this site!

  27. Glooom Says:

    It gives you hints on the game if you go to fun stuff then go to quest and you should see hints at the bottom

  28. jhon Says:

    i found a pick on top of the sport shop

    -jhon :/

  29. jhon Says:

    i cant find the one close to the rock 😥

  30. jabrett Says:

    where is the one by the rockheadz place I have them all but that one
    The FRG: Hi Jabrett! Well ever since the Rockheads came out, one of the picks have moved. As you wanted, the guitar pick is found in or around the soil where the flowers are.

  31. rose5791 Says:

    i got all of them 😀
    The FRG: Oh, well done! : )

  32. taylah Says:

    i cant find the very last one can you tell me were it is please

  33. lucy Says:

    were is the golden pick i neeed the golden pick.btw i rock

  34. lilly165 Says:

    i have done all the quest im waiting for the new one i hads no help

  35. lilly165 Says:

    i have done all the quest and im just waiting for the new one i7f any if you need help for the rest come and see me im on all the time my name on it will be lilly165 asnd when you see me just say aboout the cheat and i will rember : )

  36. Mara Gouveia Says:

    Can you help to do it and a live Wren House flat 20.

  37. autumn Says:

    there not in there spaces

  38. shantaie Says:

    that was awesome thanks.

  39. sallymay Says:

    were is the pic 21 at near were

  40. Savannah Says:

    I need help on the guitar pick quest part 2! Do you know where it is?

  41. karl Says:

    i cant find looks like bear with brown background

  42. karl Says:

    i need 1 more i cant find it it look like bear with brown background i find everywhere but i cant find it in the city square,movie threater ,fitness center and more my sister is finish all of the quest but me i not finish yet cause i need 1 more 😦 (sad) need 1 more i need it

  43. lauren Says:

    digby8 can u post part1 please

  44. jazlynolivares Says:

    i cant find the second one

  45. jazlynolivares Says:

    i cant find the second pick some one plz help me

  46. imaan2008 Says:

    i just go 2 more to find

  47. 2kool4u8 Says:

    i cant find #38 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help:(

  48. sedricka32003 Says:

    were golden pick 30

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